May 25
Have moved again to the revamped Live 365 where the cost is less and file entry is easier.

Currently there is no link for android phones and unless I have a sceduled program, you will have two 2 minete commercal breaks per hour.

Look for one hour program specials and 2 hour gospel segments on Sunday morning and evenings.

March 18
RIP  Chuck Berry  I have some covers but not on this laptop.
Academy of Western Artists was an awsum 2 days of friends and music
which i extended with a show last might from Mo Bandy and Jake Penrod.

Feb 28, 2017
Check out to link to my new station (See Above)
Our dedicated hours are a work in process. Gospel is in place and the 10 to 12 blocks will feature Bluegrass, Western Swing/Western and Ameripolitan.
I'm back from an awsum week at Ameripolitan and looking foward to presenting at Academy of Western Artists Mar 15 and 16.
December 31, 2016

Tis New Years Eve and I've had big changes since Thanksgiving. I'm now doing weekday 1 hour broadcasts on Defenders Of Freedom radio. My focus is on current songs but classics will be in the mix. Check my Broadcast announcments and playlist summarys on Facebook.

September 28
It was a slow Summer season with lots of tributes to Lost artists and writers. We currently feature a multi track tribute to John L Loudermilk as well as Jean Shepard, Bud Issacs and Hoot Hesler.

I'm passing on IBMA this year but looking forward to my second Western Music Conference in November.

Habits have changed since I started in 2007. However new artists still count on stations like this for exposure. All I ask for is listening time.


June 28 2016

 Things going well with lots of current music from lesser heard artists. Sunday Gospel is back from 10am to 12 pm and 10pm to 12 am eastern. Bluegrass Hours are on hold due to space limitations but a few current tracks are in regular rotation Artist bumpers are welcome.

Be sure and check out our tributes

I will be at the Remington Ryde BluegrassFestival at lest 2 days.

  May 17 2016

Look for links to our new Bus of Real Country on our main page. At this time the playlist is general and space is somewhat limited so Bluegrass is still not in rotation.

 December 30

With all the changes from the sound exchange I'm switching to Radionomy.
My first stream went up December 26 and leans toward Western and Western Swing music including poetry.

March 9
    Hopefully this rough winter is about to pass. I did have a nice visit to Austin in late January before family health issues took over.
    I'm excited to be heading to the Academy of Western Artists weekend Mar 27/28. Lots of folks to meet and proof Western Swing music still exists.
    Listening numbers are fair but I still need votes for the Top 20.


Update Jan 3
Monday will bring back our charts. if you have time and access a few votes would help this weekend.

Tracks are in rotation currently to honor Bob Montgomery, Larry Henley, Little Jimmy Dickens and entries to the Grammy Hall of Fame.

New album coming Feb 3 from The Western Swing Authority. This is their 3rd album in 5 years and we have programmed them from the beginning.

I'm keeping a close watch on IBMA matters. Meanwhile I continue to love the new releases on Bluegrass.

Looking forward to a week in Austin including the Dolly Parton Birthday Bash and the Don Walser band reunion show.

Good country music will get you through anything.

December 19

It's our 7th anniversary  While votes have been lacking it's been an amzing year for Real Country Music and particuarly Bluegrass. Look for a strong lead in for 2015. I have no program changes coming at this time but may consider another hour similer to our Western Swing shows. 

My personal albums of the year list

Busgals album list for 2014
just missing the top 10
"Sinners and Saints"  Andy Vaughn and Driveline
"A World Away"  Kimberly Murrey
"Country Boy A Tribute to John Denver
"Going Nowhere Fast"  Detour
"Another Day From Life"  Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers

10.  "Too"  Flatt Lonesome
  9.  "All Star Duets"  Larry Cordle
  8.  "Just as Strong"  Breaking Grass
  7.  "The Way I'm Livin"  Leeanne Womack
  6.  "On Down the Line"  Michael Cleveland
  5.  "Everything Except Goodbye" John Howie and Rosewood Bluff
  4.  "A Platter of Brownies"  Carolyn Martin
  3.  "Tween Earth and Sky"  Becly Buller
  2.  "Five"  Balsam Range
  1.  "That's My Home" Jason Roberts

October 23

Have decided Oct 26 will be the last regular chart of the year. Halloween tracks are now in rotation and the Top 60 and Veterans Day will be added next week.  Still accepting Christmas submissions. 

October 13

The end of our chart year is approaching so I won't be loading Monday morning news feeds during the holidays. This week ending Oct 19 will be the last for new music adds for this years chart. Tracks for Halloween,  Veterans Day and Thanksgiving will be coming soon. Christmas tracks and our top 60 will appear around Nov 10. Secular Christmas music will be added at the start of Advent including Sunday gospel programs and a few tracks to the Bluegrass hours. 

Hoping you can make time to enjoy Bus of Real Country over the holidays.